Compass Collaborative

Collaborative Divorce in Seattle & the Eastside


Compass Collaborative Offers A Compassionate Approach To Resolving Divorce

Ending a marriage, even under the best of circumstances, is a painful process. While traditional divorce litigation may offer resolution to the case, few parties ever walk away happy. The process is often adversarial, leading to anger and resentment, and it can be extremely damaging to all parties involved.

At Compass Collaborative, we offer you an alternate path based on open communication, mutual respect, and finding the best resolution for both spouses—and the entire family. It’s an approach called collaborative law.

Collaborative law is simple in its concept. The divorcing spouses sign a pledge to collaboratively resolve their case outside the courtroom and agree not to litigate. This pledge, called a participation agreement, is signed by both parties to ensure that the case doesn’t get dragged into court. If, even after the best efforts of the parties and the collaborative team, the parties can’t resolve their issues outside of court, then the participation agreement requires that the two attorneys and the allied professionals withdraw from the process and that the parties start over with new attorneys.

Parties who choose Compass Collaborative appreciate the supportive team approach we offer. We are a diverse and multi-talented group of attorneys, as well as highly-trained child specialists, financial specialistsmediators, and other allied professionals, serving Seattle and the Eastside. We are the people who will support you throughout the divorce process and help you define and shape your vision for your future. We invite you to explore our website, read what makes Compass Collaborative unique, learn about our practice approaches, and read about the team of collaborative members who will help you move forward with your new lives.