Compass Collaborative

Collaborative Divorce in Seattle & the Eastside

About Our Group

Compass Collaborative Understands The Unique Needs of Divorcing Couples

Compass Collaborative is a practice group of collaborative law professionals who came together to help divorcing couples resolve disputes using an open, transparent and cooperative approach. Our practice group is an association of attorneys and other professionals serving the Seattle area and the Eastside.

Collaborative law is about more than simply dividing property. We understand that you are experiencing some very difficult situations. Our skilled and compassionate lawyers and specialists are committed to helping you have the best possible experience as you work through the divorce process. Our collaborative attorneys will counsel you in working toward a mutually-created settlement, while your jointly-retained team of child specialists, financial specialists, mediators, and other professionals addresses the other financial and emotional aspects faced by your separating family.

Our People Are the Difference

What sets Compass Collaborative apart from other collaborative law groups? Our greatest strength is the unique backgrounds we bring as professionals. We offer a diverse group of professionals representing a wide cross-section of disciplines. Our members include a retired judge, a CPA, several guardians ad litem, mediators, and certified mortgage planning specialists. Our areas of expertise are as varied as family law, drug and alcohol addiction, domestic violence, and child-centered mediation.  No matter what issues you are experiencing, we are qualified and capable of helping you through this life-changing event.

Compass Collaborative has taken a conscious choice to remain a small and committed group of twenty practitioners. We are a supportive and cohesive group of practitioners focused on a common goal. Because our members have worked closely with each other in a non-adversarial setting, we have fostered a comfort level that increases trust and aids consulting on difficult cases and hard subjects.

Finding An Approach That Works For You

Like collaborative law, Compass Collaborative is constantly evolving to better serve the clients we represent. While founded as a collaborative practice group, we’re open to other approaches to resolving your situation. We understand that a strict collaborative law model is not a fit for everyone, which is why we value innovation and finding new approaches. We work with you to choose a method to help your case move through the divorce process as quickly and painlessly as possible. We often implement a hybrid solution, or a cooperative style of law, to develop the particular team of specialists that best supports your desired outcome.

You aren’t required to assemble a full team of support specialists from day one. In fact, we find that that can be very intimidating as you begin the process. One of the benefits of following a more cooperative style is the ability to pick and choose as many, or few, specialists as may be needed. We support you in creating the right team that best fits your needs, future goals, and financial resources.